Livestock On The Farm

Bresse Chickens

Bresse chickens, hailed as the aristocrats of poultry, originate from the Bresse region of France, where they’ve been bred for centuries. Known for their distinctive blue legs, snowy white feathers, and striking red combs, Bresse chickens boast a reputation for unparalleled flavor and tenderness. Renowned chefs worldwide covet their meat for its succulence and depth of flavor, making them a staple in haute cuisine. Beyond their culinary prowess, Bresse chickens are prized for their exceptional egg-laying abilities, producing creamy, rich eggs perfect for baking and cooking. 

All of our chickens are raised on the open pasture and fed organic grain. They see sunshine but are sheltered from the elements each night. They are able to forage for grass, seeds, and insects just like nature intended.

Svarthöna Chickens

Svarthöna chickens, also known as Swedish Blacks, are a cherished heritage breed that traces its roots back to ancient Scandinavian farming traditions. Characterized by their sleek, iridescent black plumage and vibrant red combs, Swedish Blacks are as striking as they are resilient.

Revered for their adaptability to cold climates, they thrive in harsh Nordic winters, making them ideal for homesteaders and small-scale farmers looking for a hardy breed. Beyond their sturdiness, Swedish Blacks are valued for their flavorful, lean meat and consistent egg production, making them a versatile choice for both meat and egg enthusiasts.

With a reputation for docility and a friendly disposition, they are beloved additions to backyard flocks, where they effortlessly mingle with other breeds.

French Rex Rabbits

French Rex rabbits, hailed as the epitome of elegance in the rabbit world, boast a rich heritage dating back to mid-20th century France. Renowned for their luxurious velvety fur, characterized by its dense plushness and distinctive “rex” curl, French Rex rabbits captivate with their unique appearance and gentle demeanor.

Revered for their docility and adaptability, they make wonderful companions for both novice and experienced rabbit enthusiasts alike. Beyond their charm, French Rex rabbits are prized for their fine-textured, flavorful meat, making them a valuable addition to small-scale meat production operations. 

Cotton Patch Geese

Cotton Patch geese are a heritage breed deeply rooted in American agricultural tradition. Descendants of early settlers’ geese brought to the Southern United States, they earned their name from their ability to thrive in cotton fields, where they voraciously consumed pests, weeds, and dropped cotton seeds.

Known for their distinctive appearance, with striking white plumage and bright orange bills and feet, Cotton Patch geese possess a gentle disposition and excellent foraging instincts. Their reputation as efficient weeders and pest controllers makes them invaluable additions to organic and sustainable farming operations. Additionally, their flavorful, lean meat and rich, creamy eggs provide homesteaders and small-scale farmers with a versatile and nutritious protein source.